Double Facepalm...when one facepalm isn't enough!

To quote myself:

What the what?!? Where did you go, September?

I remember my mom telling me that someday, time would fly - that when I was "her age" (which was back when she was in her 40s and I was a teenager), I would be so shocked at how fast time would go by. I didn't believe her - and now, at the ripe old age of 47, I know she just laughs and laughs when I tell her how fast time is flying by! All this to say..."HOW ON EARTH IS IT SEPTEMBER 29th ALREADY???"

August Updates and my Etsy Shop!

First off, my sincere apologies for taking the last 5+ weeks off! It seems that my brain went into hibernation mode during this incredibly miserable, hot summer we've been having here, and other than tending the sheep, the family, and doing loads of spinning on my wheels, I really haven't been terribly inspired to do much. In addition, the last few weeks have seen the worst air-quality I can remember in this area due to the wildfires that are engulfing my beloved state (as well as neighboring states, not to mention various other areas of the country).

Heat, Fencing, and Boils...OH MY!

And now, for the less-than-idyllic side of shepherding life...DISCLAIMER - I am NOT complaining and I am still very much in love with my sheep...just sayin' that it's not all sunshine, butterflies, and getting to pet Mikey all day long! Although he thinks it should be!

Drop Spindle Spinning at Hogwarts

Yes, you read that correctly - there is spinning at Hogwarts!

I am part of the most amazing group on the most amazing site - Hogwarts at Ravelry, which is a group on the crafters' website, Ravelry. Hogwarts is a group of folks who love the Harry Potter series, and who spend their time crafting projects to submit for "homework" in the various classes and extracurricular activities at Hogwarts. I've been a member of the group for four years, and spent three of those years as Headmistress. And this term I'm teaching a Study Hall on drop spindling.

Oh, the heat...maybe we should move to Iceland???

Totally joking - my dear husband would not want to move to Iceland...and as I've never lived anywhere but the US, I have no idea how I would do living outside of my beloved country. But when it's early June and the temperature gauge is already above 90 in this part of the world, it makes me want to head north (or super far south to Antarctica)!!

After learning about Icelandic sheep in preparation for owning the little sweethearts, I learned some really interesting things about the country of Iceland:

Happiness is a safe flock!

I'm sure many of you will remember this Peanuts sentiment...I have always been a big fan of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole gang, and tonight, during a huge thunder and lightning storm, it occurred to me - Happiness is a warm puppy AND a safe flock!

It's's May...the Lusty Month of May!

Some friends on Ravelry were talking about musicals, and I mentioned Camelot...oh, how I adore that movie!!! I love all of the songs, but one of my favorites, particularly this time of year, is "The Lusty Month of May" - Vanessa Redgrave is so awesome to watch and listen to!!

Oh my sheep...what beauties you are!

You can probably tell from the title of this post that I am going to spend a great deal of time talking about how wonderful my sheep lovely they cute they are...what beautiful creatures they are! But I'm not just referring to their looks (although they are awfully good-looking ovines!)...I'm also referring to their demeanor.

Shepherdess Jen, Reporting for Duty!

WHEW!!!  It happened...the sheep were sheared...they were brought to our house...and they are currently grazing happily in their new pasture!  And I think I might still be in a bit of shock over the whole thing! So please bear with me if I sound scattered (and still a bit tired!)!

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