Meet the Flock

Panda Bear

Black Velvet



Cupcake is a Hampshire/Suffolk cross, and is one of Daisy's 2016 lambs! Born March 22nd, Cupcake came to us as a 6-month-old and taught us very quickly that she was still a baby! Her lamb-sproinging, tree-climbing, and all-around craziness keeps everyone entertained and on our toes!


Ruby is a 4-year-old Finnsheep, born in March of 2013. She is a spunky little sheep who still does a whole lot of gamboling and lamb-sproinging, despite being a mama sheep to Garnet! Oftentimes the two of them are the ones butting heads and running around like crazy sheep!


Born March 12th, 2015, Garnet is the wethered son of Ruby - both are Finnsheep despite their differing appearances! Garnet LOVES to have his scurs (tiny horns) scratched, and overall is a gentle, sweet boy - but he does like to pick play fights with the other sheep and get things riled up around here!

Radagast the Brown, Rosie Cotton, & Rohan

Rosie Cotton and Radagast the Brown are full siblings (they were 2 of 3 triplets born to a lovely ewe named WIC), and Rohan is their half-sibling (she is also the offspring of Einarr the ram, and her mama is Nina Negra)! Rosie and Radagast were born on March 22nd and Rohan on April 4th (2017), and they are just the sweetest! They love lots of attention and are strong members of our flock!

Samwise Gamgee

Samwise Gamgee was born in 2015 and is a nearly purebred Bluefaced Leicester - he just has a smidge of Gotland that gives even more lovely crimp to his fleece!  We are just thrilled to have this gentle boy in our flock - he had absolutely no problem joining the group, and can be found anywhere Daisy and Cupcake are.  He definitely loves his big girls!