I’ve been a customer for many years now--I can’t remember how long--BFF consistently has lovely, wonderful to spin fiber, coupled with fantastic customer service. For a long time now, this has been my first (and only) choice for buying fiber for spinning. (And locks!! Love the locks!!) It’s also a nice touch that you ‘meet’ the sheep that your fiber came from. :)     ~ DP

I’ve been a big fan of Blaine Fleece & Fiber since the first three sheep arrived on Paradise Ridge! There’s something special about getting fiber from a farm where you can tell how much love the owner puts into tending the flock as well as the care she uses in making sure every product is a joy to use. I’ve spun just about every type of fiber she’s offered and loved them all.     ~ Mary


This (Panda Bear) was my first Icelandic roving, and it took some time to find the right way and tools to spin it, but I really like the result. Icelandic is truly a special fiber and due to the black overcoat in it, this one has a marble-like elegant look. Not for the inexperienced spinner, but worth the learning curve and wait.     ~ Verena

Sheepy Shells

I have spun fibers over the years and when you find that fiber that spins up soo nice, you are forever spoiled and that’s exactly what these have done to me! Sheepy Shells' shape and fiber mix is just right, which I am convinced is one of the reasons why I’m able to spin them up to a nice and consistent yarn. I will say, spinning is just the beginning of the enjoyment as my projects made with Sheepy Shells turn out so very luxe. I highly recommend them. They are a dream to spin!     ~ Gretchen

I love the (Scottish Highlands) Shells...the purple is just the right color for heather, and I have not had a single tangle when spinning them up. Really smooth and a joy to spin.     ~ Verena