In Memoriam

To honor our beloved sheep who have crossed
the Rainbow Bridge

3/15/08 - 1/30/17

Mikey was a triplet from Minnie and a purebred Icelandic named Merle. He was 3/4 Icelandic, 1/8 Rambouillet, and 1/8 Columbia. One of his triplet siblings was Panda Bear, and Black Velvet was his half-sister. Mikey was the most amazing sheep, and he will be missed by all who knew him and those who only knew of him because of the stories and his beautiful wool.

3/2012 - 4/9/19

Daisy was a 75/25 Hampshire/Suffolk cross who came to us in 2016. We fell in love with her goofy sweet personality when she was still living at JerryLee Farm, and we are grateful that we got to bring her home and have nearly 3 years with her. She will be missed by her flock and her family and by those who knew her around the world.