(4/3/16) A Guest Blogger tells us All About Lambs

April 3rd, 2016

I'm pleased to welcome our guest blogger (and all-around awesome daughter), Elise, to Sauðr eða Urðr! Elise has been blogging on Tumblr for about two years, and recently she was working on a couple of posts having to do with Daisy's lambs and our sheep, so I invited her to share her observations and thoughts with my readers! This post is all about our visit to Lee's farm to meet Daisy and her beautiful twin girls - I hope you enjoy it!


(2/28/16) Hooves, Baas, La-La-La

February 28th, 2016

I'm apparently channeling my inner child today - as I was considering a title for this post, and thinking about the topic for said post, I suddenly remembered the delightful Sandra Boynton book, Moo, Baa, La La La:

When my children were little, we were HUGE fans of the Sandra Boynton board books, and I have to admit that my husband and I can still recite about 90% of The Going To Bed Book! Thank you to Sandra Boynton for years of awesome stories!!  But I I'm sure you're used to by now!

(2/17/16) The Trio agrees with Phil...spring is coming!

February 17th, 2016

Ah yes...the many signs of spring...birds in the yard, soaking up the sunshine while finding their wormy dinners...the sprinkle of green across the wheat fields, letting us know that there will be crops in the fall...and Sheep Lumps in the backyard looking like woolly boulders:

(2/4/16) What's OTN&W?

February 4th, 2016
Thanks to the awesome suggestion by one of my survey-takers, I'm going to start featuring What's OTN&W (On The Needles & Wheels) once a month, along with some suggestions for patterns that you can knit or crochet with your spun yarn from BFF Batts - I'd like to give you some ideas as to what you can make from your beautiful handspun!
I currently have several long-term projects OTN, which is kind of odd for me as I tend to be the instant-gratification kind of knitter...hats, blanket squares, etc.

(1/22/16) 2016...What's In Store for BFF?

January 22, 2016
I can't help's still January and I am setting goals for the new year! This time of year always makes me feel that urge to achieve set a goal or think about how I want the year ahead to look.

January and the New Year at Blaine Fleece & Fiber

2016 started out very cold here on Paradise Ridge, for which I am supremely grateful! This beautiful sight, which has been our view now for a couple of months, makes my heart so happy!
We did have some interesting times with being snowed in and even nearly running out of heating fuel because of the inability of the fuel truck to make it up our driveway - but all worked out in the end, thanks to my husband's snowblower and some slightly warmer temperatures!
But what about the sheep, you ask? How have they been handling the cold weather? Like champs!

Happy Holidays from Blaine Fleece & Fiber!

This has been such a busy month - loads of updates with my Etsy shop - loads of knitting and spinning - and loads of SNOW! We were supposed to have another warm, dry winter like 2014, but we have gotten a couple of feet snow already, so we will definitely have a White Christmas tomorrow!








I am loving this winter!

Well, the whole family has been a bit concerned about the has been so cold here, I've got my daughter wondering if there is a way to warm up their barn, and my husband wondering if they need clean, dry straw put down in their barn (my son doesn't say a lot, but he checks on them several times a day). Let me address these concerns.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all and Happy Turkey Day to you! If you are in the US, then today is all about the big meal, possibly the football games, possibly the Macy's parade...but hopefully, it's also about family, friends, and gratitude! Today, I am grateful for my family, which includes the Trio and our other four-legged critters, my friends, our warm home, and everything in my life!

First off, let me share the Thanksgiving feast that I just took out to the sheep:


Snow and Sheep

It's been snowing here, off and on...and quite often, if we get snow, it melts the next day! But every time I see those fluffy white flakes, I get this earworm stuck in my head - I absolutely adore White Christmas, so I honestly don't mind!

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