November 2015

I am loving this winter!

Well, the whole family has been a bit concerned about the has been so cold here, I've got my daughter wondering if there is a way to warm up their barn, and my husband wondering if they need clean, dry straw put down in their barn (my son doesn't say a lot, but he checks on them several times a day). Let me address these concerns.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all and Happy Turkey Day to you! If you are in the US, then today is all about the big meal, possibly the football games, possibly the Macy's parade...but hopefully, it's also about family, friends, and gratitude! Today, I am grateful for my family, which includes the Trio and our other four-legged critters, my friends, our warm home, and everything in my life!

First off, let me share the Thanksgiving feast that I just took out to the sheep:


Snow and Sheep

It's been snowing here, off and on...and quite often, if we get snow, it melts the next day! But every time I see those fluffy white flakes, I get this earworm stuck in my head - I absolutely adore White Christmas, so I honestly don't mind!

Double Facepalm...when one facepalm isn't enough!

To quote myself: