Happiness is a safe flock!

I'm sure many of you will remember this Peanuts sentiment...I have always been a big fan of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole gang, and tonight, during a huge thunder and lightning storm, it occurred to me - Happiness is a warm puppy AND a safe flock!

This was the first time that our sheep experienced a big storm out here, and although they didn't panic, I could tell they weren't quite sure what to do. When I went outside to check on them, Mikey and Black Velvet were huddled under a tree, which I didn't think was the best place for them in a storm, so I headed to their gate, and fortunately, they gladly followed me. Panda Bear was already there, in the breezeway, and I expected her to run when she saw me come in - she is the least likely to hang about if she thinks I might be doing something crazy, like trying to get her to go into her barn. But she stayed put, which I thought was quite intelligent of her - rather than panic and run, she stayed close to the door, while her brother and sister quickly hopped through the door and huddled inside. I joined them in their barn and sang to them...yes, I admit it...I sang to my sheep. They seem to be partial to "Blow the Man Down," which I simply hum to them, over and over again. My humming had to get quite loud as the rain on the metal roof got to be deafening - but there were six little sheepy ears, cocked back toward me, listening as I hummed.

The rain got louder...the thunder roared...Mikey walked over to Panda Bear and rested his head on her back, through the doorway. I hummed...Black Velvet stayed close and kept sniffing my hands (probably hoping for bread to magically appear, but I took it as a sign that I was a comfort to her). Suddenly the top half of their Dutch door was blown shut with a slam - at this point, I just knew Panda Bear was going to run for the hills. But I kept humming and calmly walked outside to secure that door shut. And this is where it got pretty cool - rather than running away from  me, Panda Bear stayed to watch what I was doing, and as soon as I could move to the side of the door, she hopped in with her brother and sister. I was able to secure them all inside for the night, and I did it without trying to catch them or stressing them out...they trusted me to protect them, and I didn't blow it.



The flock, earlier today, enjoying the sunshine
So tonight...with warm, safe sheep...I feel a bit more like a shepherd. I feel like I have an inkling as to what I'm doing, and am beginning to understand what each of them needs. They are all very different from one another in temperament and personality - even the two ewes, who are more similar to one another than they are to Mikey, are quite different from each other. And tonight I was able to connect to all three of them and figure out what they needed. Happiness is a safe flock, indeed!



Marushka C.

I loved reading this. What a great journey you're on!

Jennifer Bogut

Thank you!!!!! It was a very special evening for us! :)

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