It's's May...the Lusty Month of May!

Some friends on Ravelry were talking about musicals, and I mentioned Camelot...oh, how I adore that movie!!! I love all of the songs, but one of my favorites, particularly this time of year, is "The Lusty Month of May" - Vanessa Redgrave is so awesome to watch and listen to!!

Well, I have to say that it's not exactly lusty out here...I mean, we have two ewes, but Mikey's a wether...and the ewes are his sisters...yeah...TMI, I know! I'm just in a very silly mood because it was such a beautiful day here, and thanks to the hard work of my husband, the sheep have a 3rd pasture to enjoy!

The best husband, fixing yet another gate for my sheep
The barn you're seeing in the above picture is the old chicken barn, farther up the hill, northeast of the sheep's barn. As you can see, the pasture on the left (west) side of the fence has been well grazed, but there is LOTS of good grazing to be had on the right - but David had to fix the gate so that they could come in and out without hurting themselves on nails, old wood, and wire. Once it was safe to enter, there was no stopping Mikey, Black Velvet, and Panda Bear:



Not only is there awesome grass to enjoy, but the east side of the chicken barn has an open door, so they can go inside, sniff around, and get out of the sun if they need to:


They loved watching everything that David and Iain were doing today - of course, I think they were making sure that all was done to their satisfaction!!



So as we enter this beautiful month and season of the year, I ask for this blessing on my beloved flock:

We light the fires of Beltane,
sending smoke up to the sky.
The flames purify and protect,
marking the turn of the Wheel of the Year.
Keep our animals safe and strong.
Keep our land safe and strong.
Keep those who would protect them safe and strong.
May the light and heat of this fire bestow life upon the herd!

I already feel so blessed - so thankful for this life - I just want to continue providing a safe, loving home, not only for the Trio, but also for our indoor kids - human and furry!


Black Beary doesn't think it fair that she can't go run after the sheep!
Thank you for reading!! My next blog post will talk about my new etsy shop, Vikings, and a couple of awesome blogs/podcasts!







Quincy Nelson

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