April 2015

Oh my sheep...what beauties you are!

You can probably tell from the title of this post that I am going to spend a great deal of time talking about how wonderful my sheep are...how lovely they are...how cute they are...what beautiful creatures they are! But I'm not just referring to their looks (although they are awfully good-looking ovines!)...I'm also referring to their demeanor.

Shepherdess Jen, Reporting for Duty!

WHEW!!!  It happened...the sheep were sheared...they were brought to our house...and they are currently grazing happily in their new pasture!  And I think I might still be in a bit of shock over the whole thing! So please bear with me if I sound scattered (and still a bit tired!)!

Just One More Day...BEYOND excited!

Brace yourselves, readers...tomorrow is Shearing Day!!! The excitement that is building in me is liable to spill onto these pages!

Six Days To Go...and Fleece!

The countdown continues...just six more days and those wooly critters will be home with us...although they won't be as wooly as they are now because they will be sheared first! My son said it will be like taking our dog, Black Beary, to the groomer to be shaved...you take a dog in and get a puppy back!




10 more days...and Lamb for Easter!?!

I say "Lamb for Easter" with my tongue firmly in my cheek...to celebrate Easter and springtime and the arrival of my sheep in just 10 more days, I am going to show off pictures of the 10 lambs that joined the flock at Jerry Lee Farm this year! :)

Here are Wanda and her two girls, Spring and Daylight:


Next are Shadow with her girl and boy, Windy and March:




Then came Prima Donna with her little boy, Bjorn Lothbrok:

On the same day, Nina Negra had 3 little girls - Saga, Sif, and Skadi: