Cupcake - Suffolk/Hamp roving - 1 oz. increments

Cupcake - Suffolk/Hamp roving - 1 oz. increments

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Cupcake is the daughter of Daisy and a purebred Suffolk ram named Sam - making Cupcake 63% Suffolk and 37% Hampshire - but she is 100% sweet and silly!  For being such a large girl, she is incredibly light on her feet and seems to think of herself as part goat! We have watched her stand on her back legs to reach tree branches, lightly sproing over fences, and leap high into the air like a little lamb! And she adores us - the more pets (and treats) the better as far as she is concerned!

Cupcake's Suffolk genes make her roving soft, sproingy, and lovely to spin!  She is a beautiful shade of pale gray, so anything you make from her will be simply gorgeous! Perfect for spinning, dyeing, needle-felting...anything!

For more about Cupcake, please visit her Gallery!

Hand wash gently in cold water - lay flat to dry.