Radagast the Brown - Icelandic roving - 1 oz. increments

Radagast the Brown - Icelandic roving - 1 oz. increments

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Radagast the Brown is one of my sweet wethers (castrated males), and he never fails to make me laugh!  Whether it's because he's gamboling about like a new lamb, or demanding scritches and nose-kisses, he has my heart, and has had it since he was 2 days old!  His roving is phenomenal - gorgeous shades of brown with tog and thel carded together - but as he is still so young, it is incredibly soft!  He will be a joy to spin and will make lovely garments for you!  Perfect for spinning, dyeing, needle-felting...anything!

For more about Radagast the Brown, please visit his Gallery!

If you haven't spun Icelandic before, please check out my video on spinning Black Velvet - I would recommend even slower spinning when it comes to Radagast as he has a bit more tog than my other Icelandics!  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

$4.00 per ounce

All rovings processed by Fibers First in Post Falls, Idaho!

Hand wash very gently in cold water - do not agitate Icelandic wool.

Lay flat to dry.