Rosie Cotton - Icelandic roving - 1 oz. increments

Rosie Cotton - Icelandic roving - 1 oz. increments

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Rosie Cotton is a sweet wee girl who has a gentle disposition and truly loves her humans! Every night she needs lots of pets and hugs while waiting for her nightly hay, and if I happen to turn away and she feels we're not finished, she will gently nibble on my coat or stand extra close so I can feel her next to me. She truly makes my heart melt! Her roving is exquisite - a true, deep black with tog and thel carded together - but as she is still so young, it is incredibly soft! She will be a joy to spin, just as she is a joy to interact with everyday! Perfect for spinning, dyeing, needle-felting...anything!

Please Note - This roving does have some dandruff (NOT scurf!). These flakes fall out easily, and will also wash out of your finished yarn. Because of that, this batch of Rosie's roving will be just $3 per ounce - an amazing deal for beautiful wool!

For more about Rosie Cotton, please visit her Gallery!

If you haven't spun Icelandic before, please check out my video on spinning Black Velvet and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

$4.00 per ounce

All rovings processed by Fibers First in Post Falls, Idaho!

Hand wash very gently in cold water - do not agitate Icelandic wool.

Lay flat to dry.