BFF is IndieMade!

Blaine Fleece and Fiber is pleased to announce that our website will be hosted on IndieMade! After seeing the wonderful shop that Mirkwood Arts set up here, I decided to investigate IndieMade a bit further, and I love what it offers - super easy to get started; works in conjunction with Etsy; and very affordable! I love how intuitive it is to use, and I especially appreciate how easy it is to find answers to questions. So I hope you'll look around, see what all is on the BFF site, and let me know if you have any questions!

As far as shopping goes, you can purchase all BFF products here as well as on Etsy - the Etsy shop is not going away. But it will be convenient for folks who are already here on the website to be able to do their shopping here without having to go to another page!

In addition, the entirety of Sheep and Fate is here now - no more having to look back at Blogger or the other website! I have lots of fun ideas for topics - I really want to share the goings-on of Blaine Fleece and Fiber with you! So please subscribe to the blog here so that you don't miss a post - and if you haven't already, be sure to like the Blaine Fleece and Fiber Facebook page!

Thank you...for reading, for following, for being a part of BFF. It's been two of the best years of my life, and I am anxious to keep this going for many years to come. As I loaded previous blog posts onto the new site, it gave me the opportunity to go back and see how far I've come...the mistakes I've made, as well as the successes I've enjoyed. Ultimately, it's about having a happy, healthy flock of sheep, but it's also about sharing them and my love for them with all of you!

And just a small teaser for the next post...coming in a couple of days!



Cynthia Falk

Can't wait to hear about exciting Sheepy Adventures!

Jennifer Bogut

Thank you so much, Cynthia!!! I appreciate your wonderful support and comments!! TACKLESHEEPYHUGS! :)

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