(12/21/16) Yule Wishes from Blaine Fleece and Fiber

December 21st, 2016

Folks, 2016 is almost done. Can I get an AMEN?? As this bizarre year rolls to its inevitable conclusion, I thought about a few things...I thought about apologizing for not being a more consistent blogger this year.  I thought about sharing my physical woes and injuries that occurred in 2016, which have made my fiber business and even typing on the computer a challenge.  As you can see, I sat down to write this post with feelings of remorse, regret, and guilt, and a sense that 2016 just STUNK!

Then I thought to myself, "Self, enough. Everyone on planet Earth knows that 2016 has been challenging - more challenging for some, less challenging for others - but regardless, it's been a doozy. Your readers don't need to hear you gripe and complain about your own issues, nor do they need to have the various icky things of 2016 tossed back at them, after having to wade through it themselves for nearly 12 months!"  So I asked myself, "Self, what do you think the readers of Sauðr eða Urðr want to read about?"  And myself said, "Self...need you ask? They want to hear about your sheep!!!!  And see pictures, of course!"

So as you prepare for your holiday season, whatever you celebrate, I hope you'll take a moment to enjoy these pictures from Blaine Fleece and Fiber in 2016...we started out the year with three sheep and ended the year with five...we are blessed beyond measure to have stewardship over these animals, and we wake up everyday, so grateful that this shepherding life is ours. As I was typing that last sentence, I glanced out the window and saw Mikey poking Panda Bear in the side with his nose...sigh...he's been a bit of a grump lately, and I suspect he's tired of the cold. But my son and daughter are outside with them right now, putting down fresh barley straw in their barn to help them be a bit more comfortable. They're about to get their nightly snack of French bread, as well as their dinner hay rations. In fact, I am currently watching five eager sheep receive bites of bread from my sweet children - and again, I can't possibly think of a number high enough to count to in order to count my blessings! I hope you'll count your blessings as well, and I look forward to sharing more sheepy adventures with you in 2017!


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