February 2015

More work...learning so much...but pictures, too!

So, I think I've mentioned that we're working on the sheep barn...a lot (both working on it a lot AND mentioned it A LOT!). Oh my gosh. So much gunk to remove from that poor barn!!! Back in my February 9th post ("Archaeologist turned Shepherdess turned...Archaeologist?"), I described the "flooring" (a term which I use very loosely) that is being removed so that we can create a healthy space for our sheep.

Planting Seeds

One thing that I've been the most concerned about for my sheep is their food. I'm not worried about their winter food - I plan to buy clover hay from a local dealer, and I now know, thanks to Lee, that my three sheep will require 1.5 tons of hay for the winter months. What I am concerned about are the plants growing in the pastures that they'll be using.

Archaeologist turned Shepherdess turned...Archaeologist?

More work has gotten done on the barn!!  It's kind of funny, though, because as we were working, I remembered my long-ago desire to be an archaeologist...it happened like this:

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Never fear...this blog is still about sheep - not mice! But as I lay awake last night, thinking about this next post, it occurred to me that the clean-up/renovating process that we're going through on our sheep barn is a lot like that wonderful book - and if you give a mouse a cookie, it doesn't end there!

After living out here for 12 years and all but ignoring the sheep barn, I knew that cleaning it up and preparing it for our sheep wasn't going to be a picnic. But I admit that I was a bit shocked to see just how much needs to be done on it.