Buy a Bale of Hay for The Fellowsheep

Buy a Bale of Hay for The Fellowsheep

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Hay is an important staple for any farm, and the Fellowsheep of the Fleece is no exception! Our flock eats grass hay from approximately September through April - some years we're able to push it off until October, but for the most part, we have to plan on 8-9 months of feeding hay. As you can imagine, this gets to be quite expensive...and because we had people ask us how they can help with the sheep, we started this!

As with Buy a Bag of Cookies for the Fellowsheep, this gives you the opportunity to participate in helping to care for these wonderful animals!

On behalf of myself, my 2-footed family, and the Woolly Despots, thank you. Thank you for caring about these critters and enjoying my stories about them. And thank you for wanting to help care for them, virtually!!