June 2015

Drop Spindle Spinning at Hogwarts

Yes, you read that correctly - there is spinning at Hogwarts!

I am part of the most amazing group on the most amazing site - Hogwarts at Ravelry, which is a group on the crafters' website, Ravelry. Hogwarts is a group of folks who love the Harry Potter series, and who spend their time crafting projects to submit for "homework" in the various classes and extracurricular activities at Hogwarts. I've been a member of the group for four years, and spent three of those years as Headmistress. And this term I'm teaching a Study Hall on drop spindling.

Oh, the heat...maybe we should move to Iceland???

Totally joking - my dear husband would not want to move to Iceland...and as I've never lived anywhere but the US, I have no idea how I would do living outside of my beloved country. But when it's early June and the temperature gauge is already above 90 in this part of the world, it makes me want to head north (or super far south to Antarctica)!!

After learning about Icelandic sheep in preparation for owning the little sweethearts, I learned some really interesting things about the country of Iceland: