March 2015

Three weeks to go!

Yes, it's confirmed - three weeks from tomorrow we will be watching our sheep get sheared...hopefully helping out a bit...and then bringing them home! In the meantime, what do we have going on? More barn work, of course! But now we're to the less-disgusting/more-fun part...renovations!

My Dear Husband, who can fix, literally, anything, has already repaired one of the gates to the sheep's pasture, so they will be safe and secure. The next chore was to fix the sliding door that separates the hay storage room from their feeding room:





Before and After...close to finished, but not quite!

Well, folks, it's raining cats and dogs, so the barn isn't being worked on this weekend. But I am so excited by the progress that has been made, so I think it's time for some Before and After Pictures!

Here is the section of the barn that will be used for winter hay storage - when we first went out to begin cleaning, this is what it looked like:


The floor was just straw and particle board, and it was storage for lawn tools and wasp nests! But now? It's all cleaned out (no more wasp nests, thank goodness), and it has a nice, solid floor, just waiting for hay!

Prepping the Fleece!

To give you all a break from barn-cleaning pictures, I thought I would describe how I've been prepping the Icelandic fleece that I bought from Lee. You might recall that one of the fleeces I bought that first day was from a sheep that is owned by a friend of Lee's - and his sheep are fed differently than Lee's are (in terms of the type of feeder used). This became very apparent when Lee showed me the fleece - the amount of VM (vegetable matter) in Lee's fleece vs. that of her friend's was staggering - very little in Lee's, and a ton in her friend's.