Einar - Icelandic roving - 1 oz. increments

Einar - Icelandic roving - 1 oz. increments

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Einar is an Icelandic ram who has sired dozens and dozens of beautiful lambs...including Radagast the Brown, Rohan, and Rosie Cotton! In fact, Rohan gets her stunning colors from her daddy, and funnily enough, she walks just like him, too!!   Einar's wool is the perfect blend of the inner and outer Icelandic coats (the thel and the tog), and will be absolutely perfect for spinning, dyeing, needle-felting...anything!

If you haven't spun Icelandic before, please check out my video on spinning Black Velvet and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

All rovings processed by Fibers First in Post Falls, Idaho!

Hand wash very gently in cold water - do not agitate Icelandic wool.

Lay flat to dry.