Deer - Millspun Yarn

Deer - Millspun Yarn

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Miss Deer is truly a dear girl! Her wool is full of crimpy softness and the color is astounding! Such a lovely, lustrous pale brown, just like the deers for which she is named! She is one of the sweetest sheep we have - she patiently waits for pets (sometimes not so patiently!) and enjoys cuddles, kisses, and scritches - sometimes it makes it difficult to get good pictures of her because she wants to be right next to me! Whatever you make from Deer, it will be soft, sturdy, and will be something special for years to come!

For more about Deer, please visit her Gallery!

2-ply, Worsted

75% Finnsheep, 25% Suffolk

200 yards per skein

Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.